Precision Handmade Custom EDC Spin Tops From AJ Tops

         My Spin Tops are just under an inch in diameter.  They shine like jewelry.  They look like toys but feel surprisingly heavy in your hand.  Definitely well crafted and each one a work of "mechanical art".

They are small enough to keep in your pocket.  Many people consider a pocket Spin Top most effective as a "worry stone" or fidget toy.

I use quality metals like C360 Brass, C145 Tellurium Copper, 6061 Aluminum, and Titanium to make the tops.  I even make some out of Sterling Silver.  I custom build the tops with Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic or Ruby spherical bearings.

WARNING!  RUBY BEARINGS CAN BREAK OR CHIP!  Drop spins on a hard surface should be avoided! 

I don't guarantee minimum spin times.  Spin times will increase with improved technique.  My longest spin times have been 11 to 13 minutes.  Even my 4 year old grandson can get a pretty good spin.  A good spin stands nearly motionless on a good, smooth surface.

I make each top myself on my bench lathe.  ABSOLUTELY NO CNC MACHINING!  Each top is different from the last.  Thanks for looking in!
Shipping included to lower 48.      Sales tax on Michigan sales only.
Spin Top #1023


Sale Price:  $85.00
  Spin Top #1025


Sale Price:  $85.00
Spin Top #1031

C360 Brass/Flamed Titanium
Ruby Bearing / 39.1g

Sale Price:  $130.00
  Spin Top #1038

C360 Brass / Flamed Titanium
Ruby Bearing / 46.2g

Sale Price:  $130.00
Spin Top #1045

C360 Brass / Tellurium Copper
Alum. Oxide Bearing / 53.8g

Sale Price:  $125.00
  Spin Top #1046

Brass / Brass
Ruby Bearing / 48.6g

Sale Price:  $120.00
Spin Top #1047

Tellurium Copper / Fl. Titanium
Ruby Bearing / 47.0g

Sale Price:  $130.00
  Spin Top #1048

Tellurium Copper / Fl. Titanium
Ruby Bearing / 41.5g

Sale Price:  $130.00
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